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Bradley Manning: I was bullied in the military for being gay
Source: The Guardian

New online conversations between a gay activist and Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of passing secret diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, allege Manning was being bullied in the military over his sexuality.

The 2009 weblogs, sent from Fort Drum, the upstate New York barracks where Manning was preparing to be sent to Iraq as an intelligence analyst, give new insight into his state of mind around the time he is alleged to have contacted WikiLeaks.

Using the online pseudonym Bradass87, Manning used AOL's instant messager for several exchanges with a 19-year-old man called Zachary Antolak, who lived near Chicago. Antolak adopted a female persona on the internet, ZJ Antolak.

In the weblogs, never before made public, Manning tells ZJ of bullying he endured as a gay man serving in the army under "don't ask, don't tell", the discriminatory policy towards gay soldiers. Though he tried to hide his sexuality, it was soon discovered by others in his platoon.

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He will use anything to gain sympathy. And of course the dummies will eat it up.

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Former Lt. Dan Choi, who was something of a celebrity in the gay community over DADT and repeal has made a video on You Tube where at the three minute mark he goes into defending Manning's action, not based in bullying but based in the public's "right to know". So after all this, I guess Choi decided to actually do something to disgrace his uniform. It's a shame.

As for Manning, this falls into a category of excuses, albeit one of the most extreme behaviors trying to be excused, that is too common in American society.

The diet pills made me kill him.

I'd had a really hard day and I just snapped.

I this, I that.

Well guess what? I have been bullied, and annoyed, and wrongfully punished, and in various altered states of consciousness and I never felt the need to kill anyone. I never felt the justification for committing treason. I never "snapped" and threw a baby across a room. I have never punched a wall or thrown a vase at the person I was arguing with. This is not because I have exceptional control, it's because there is right, wrong, and just plain stupid.