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Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming: study

By Gerard Wynn

LONDON | Mon Jul 4, 2011 3:17pm EDT

(Reuters) - Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.

The paper raised the prospect of more rapid, pent-up climate change when emerging economies eventually crack down on pollution.

World temperatures did not rise from 1998 to 2008, while manmade emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel grew by nearly a third, various data show.

The researchers from Boston and Harvard Universities and Finland's University of Turku said pollution, and specifically sulphur emissions, from coal-fueled growth in Asia was responsible for the cooling effect.

Sulphur allows water drops or aerosols to form, creating hazy clouds which reflect sunlight back into space.

"Anthropogenic activities that warm and cool the planet largely cancel after 1998, which allows natural variables to play a more significant role," the paper said.

Natural cooling effects included a declining solar cycle after 2002, meaning the sun's output fell.

Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/04/us-climate-sulphur-idUSTRE7634IQ20110704)

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I just finished reading this article. The warmists are getting downright hilarious at this point.

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Um,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm confused. I thought that AGW was due to the evil factories and evil cars, and aerosold with clorine and, and , and ,,. Apparently if we are to save ourselves from the furnace in the sky, we must ramp up manufacturing and build more pollution back into auto emissions.

I just can't keep up. Please send in TNO to quib,,, er, uh,, explain this to us.:rolleyes: