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07-06-2011, 10:21 PM
A “Soviet Style” Justice System is being tested in a U.S. Federal Court. Under this mechanism, the court seizes all of an individual’s property and possessions (without a hearing or any due process) and gives it to an appointed “receiver” to distribute as it sees fit. The constitutional violations are outlined at www.lawinjustice.com

In the instance documented at the www.lawinjustice.com site , the civil litigant had no judgment against him. The court ‘receiver’ took over all of the "possessions and person" of the individual, in violation of the constitution, who re-distributed the possessions mostly to himself and his law firm. The individual was also prohibited from using his money to hire a lawyer to defend himself.

A couple of interesting documents from the site are linked below



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I'm not sure what you are up too but for the time being this can go here i think you need to explain who you are and what connection you have to this.

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I feel used, when you didn't have a cause you never came and visited us, but now that you need to hawk your site we're okay.
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Gee I wonder why they are taking his stuff?

3. The bankruptcy trustee has filed an adversary action in the bankruptcy court
against Mr. Emke regarding “servers.com”.1 The filing of the new adversary
action and the shortly expected counterclaims will prevent the closing and
resolution of the bankruptcy case for some time to come—until discovery is
completed and a trial is held on that adversary action. Resolution of the attorneys
fees claims will therefore not allow the immediate closing of the bankruptcy case
(assuming arguendo the claims would otherwise have an impact on the closing of
the bankruptcy case).2

6. The claims currently listed total $853,000.00 [Doc 562].

I can't see why the courts would be taking what he hasn't paid for!

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Sorry to hear about your bankruptcy, now it makes sense, that does suck.

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