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07-08-2011, 10:56 AM
AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=439x1441407) :D

trumad (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-08-11 09:43 AM
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Psss---White House, I know you're monitoring DU.... Click on my thread, I've got something to say...

You're probably a White House Intern, or maybe even a low paid staff member, and your sole job is to Monitor the Nets to see what is being said about your Boss and his administration.

You've been assigned a couple of sites to watch over and DU is one of them. You may have asked, why DU? Well--- with close to 180,000 registered users and about 100,000 unique visitors a day, it's not a bad site to get a vibe on what your base is thinking.
(Man, if someone from the WH is looking at DU and they believe the membership numbers...:rolleyes:)

DU is simply one of the biggest Progressive sites on the internets and it would be wise to monitor how we are thinking. (Yes...fear DU!!!! Christ...)

The last couple of days have been busy eh?

Question: Does your management staff warn you before they launch their trial balloons?

Such as: OK---we're going to launch a Social Security and Medicare balloon that will indicate that the President is open to cuts in the programs.

How did that go for you? Were you and your fellow monitoring interns shocked at the response? Have you ever seen a response like it?

I monitor progressive sites as well--- pretty much all of them. Honestly in all the years that I've clicked on these sites, I've never seen a trial balloon like this one get shot down as quick. Actually shot down is a bit mild-----more like napalmed.

Now I'm pretty sure you and your fellow interns and staff members are recent college graduates---most likely Political Science Majors... and you're pretty dang smart.
(Actually, if they exist at all, they're just stupid kids like a lot of DU.)

My hope is that your team digested what you observed and provided a pants on fire warning to your chain of command that touching the 3rd rail of politics will do exactly what a 3rd rail will do..... ZAP!

I think you did that because the next day Press Secretary Jay Carney was sputtering like a Ford Edsel when asked if SS and Medicare will be cut.

In closing--- keep up the good work and continue to pay attention to sites like Democratic Underground--- remember, we are your Base.

Yours truly,

DU Dumbass

Thanks DU for the morning funnies!!!! :D

07-08-2011, 02:20 PM
I'd like to be in the White house basement when some intern calls all his buddies over to laugh at the oh so clever DUmmie.

Dan D. Doty
07-08-2011, 03:07 PM
If DU is the base, then the WH is in WAY more trouble then everyone thought.

Trumad ... your name totally fits.