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07-11-2011, 11:02 AM
Rahm Emanuel and Unions Square Off Over Work Rules

Over the past five years, the office of City Hall’s inspector general fielded about 200 complaints alleging that city truck drivers were loafing or sleeping at job sites. But the drivers were most likely not shirking any duties, said Inspector General Joseph Ferguson. And that, he said, is the real problem.

Because of agreements between the city’s leaders and employee unions, many drivers often are required only to chauffeur other employees and equipment to work sites across Chicago. Upon arrival, the drivers then just wait while other workers complete such tasks as installing street lights or trimming trees....

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel begins to grapple with the city’s daunting financial shortfalls, he faces a thicket of longstanding labor rules that could complicate efforts to make city government operate more efficiently.

Just two months after his inauguration, Mr. Emanuel already finds himself locked in a dispute with union officials over his demand that they agree to change some workplace rules or face hundreds of layoffs. ... <--- Union Busting... Union Busting!!!

The new mayor’s options appear to be limited even further by the 10-year contracts that Richard M. Daley reached with dozens of city workers’ unions in 2007. Those deals promised the same conditions and annual wage increases for union members through 2017. Still, there are clauses that seem to allow the Emanuel administration to reopen the contracts in 2012. <--- Union Busting... Union Busting!!!

With a budget deficit that could exceed $700 million next year, and with personnel costs representing the vast majority of expenses, Mr. Emanuel has said everyone must make sacrifices to help balance the city’s books... <--- Union Busting... Union Busting!!!

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07-11-2011, 01:00 PM
I doubt that Rambo expected he would have to make adult decisions when he got the job. He thought he could continue the status quo of liberal idiocy he has immersed himself in over a lifetime. Now he has met the reality of adulthood (Conservatism) and it shatters his child like liberal fantasy world.

Rahm must find a way to continue the slide toward the insolvency of liberal policies or make unpopular adult (Conservative) financial decisions for the cesspool he now life guards.