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07-18-2011, 10:58 AM
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Poll: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis, 21% approve. Obama earns 43% approval on debt crisis.

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Poll: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis

Americans are unimpressed with their political leaders' handling of the debt ceiling crisis, with a new CBS News poll showing a majority disapprove of all the involved parties' conduct, but Republicans in Congress fare the worst, with just 21 percent backing their intransigent resistance to raising taxes.

President Obama earned the most generous approval ratings for his handling of the weeks-old negotiations, but still more people said they disapproved (48 percent) than approved (43 percent) of what he has done and said.


Congressional leaders' inability to convince their own party members that concessions are necessary is likely driving the dismal approval for lawmakers involved in the testy negotiations.

Approval drops to 31 percent for the Democrats in Congress, and only 21 percent of the people surveyed said they approved of Republicans' handling of the negotiations, while 71 percent disapprove.

Even half of the Republican respondents (51 percent) voiced disapproval of how members of their own party in Congress are handling the talks. Far fewer Democrats expressed disapproval of their own party's handling (32 percent) or President Obama's (22 percent) of the urgent quest to raise the nation's debt limit ahead of a looming default on Aug. 2 if action isn't taken.



And from the poll:


Total Respondents 810
Total Republicans 214 193 (24%)
Total Democrats 272 282 (35%)
Total Independents 324 335 (41%)

So they got the response they wanted by saying that Republicans are 24% of the voting population while Democrats are 35%.


During June, the number of Republicans in the country fell by just over a percentage point while the number of Democrats grew by just under a percentage point. Now, 34.7% of American Adults consider themselves to be Democrats, up from 34.0% in May.

The number calling themselves Republicans slipped from 35.6% in May to 34.4% for the month of June. For both parties, the current results are in the middle of a narrow range they’ve occupied for the first six months of 2011.
Voters not affiliated with either party inched up to 31.0% in June from 30.4% in May.

Over the past eleven months, the gap between the two parties has been two points or less with just two exceptions.

Dan D. Doty
07-18-2011, 03:39 PM
You can't expect a good poll from CBS; The New York Bubble warps their views.

At least this is one DU didn't have to spike :rolleyes: