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07-21-2011, 06:25 PM
Lawyers say Gould Ordinances Violate Constitution (AR town forbids citizens meeting
GOULD, AR - "I couldn't believe that it was real when I first read it," said UALR School of Law Dean John DiPippa. Disbelief is a common reaction to Gould's latest city ordinances. "The truth is the city of Gould doesn't have the authority to tell anyone that they have no right to petition them, no right to speak and no right to exist in their city," said DiPippa. But that's just what the ordinances do - disbanding a citizens group, forbidding the Mayor from meeting with people and stopping any groups from forming if members discuss the city without...


07-21-2011, 06:30 PM
Vote Against Sonja Farley for Gould, Arkansas, City Council: Evil Woman Doesn't Believe in Free Speech

I normally wouldn't comment on something as trivial as a city council race in small town Arkansas. However, consider the infringement on freedom coming from minds like Sonja Farley, it's time to mount a campaign against her reelection.

The problem is the city council Farley serves on passes a resolution that is a direct attack on the First Amendment. While it sounds like the Mayor opposes the resolution, not sure if that's enough or if he has veto power, it appears the city council is going to demand the residents of Gould, Arkansas, to ask permission of the local government before they can protest the local government. In supporting the amendment, it appears Farley has created a nation wide protest against the tyranny she and her fellow council members have instigated.

Farley, ignoring all the great veterans who have laced up combat boots from Gould, Arkansas, to protect freedoms like the First Amendment, is unapologetic in the council's attack on the First Amendment.

“In everything, you have somebody in control over it. In everything,” said Council Member Sonja Farley.

Farley says no matter the group, if you discuss the city at all, the meeting must be approved by the city council.

“You couldn’t just come in here and get with four people and decide you want to start an organization,” said Farley. “You will go through your city council with documentation, the right paperwork and get an approval.”