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07-23-2011, 05:02 PM
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Donnachaidh (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-22-11 08:57 PM
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Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election

http://www.benzinga.com/news/11/07/1789905/forget-anony... (http://www.benzinga.com/news/11/07/1789905/forget-anonymous-evidence-suggests-gop-hacked-stole-2004-election)

Three generations from now, when our great-grandchildren are sitting barefoot in their shanties and wondering how in the hell America turned from the high-point of civilization to a third-world banana republic, they will shake their fists and mutter one name: George Effin' Bush.

Ironically, it won't be for any of the things that liberals have been harping on the Bush Administration, either during or after his term in office. Sure, misguided tax cuts that destroyed the surplus, and lax regulations that doomed the economy, and two amazingly awful wars in deserts half a world away are all terrible, empire-sapping events. But they pale in comparison to what it appears the Republican Party did to get President Bush re-elected in 2004.

"A new filing in the King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case includes a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State election production system configuration that was in use in Ohio's 2004 presidential election when there was a sudden and unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush," according to Bob Fitrakis, columnist at http://www.freepress.org (http://www.freepress.org/) and co-counsel in the litigation and investigation.

If you recall, Ohio was the battleground state that provided George Bush with the electoral votes needed to win re-election. Had Senator John Kerry won Ohio's electoral votes, he would have been elected instead.

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/news/11/07/1789905/forget-anony... (http://www.benzinga.com/news/11/07/1789905/forget-anonymous-evidence-suggests-gop-hacked-stole-2004-election#ixzz1Ssy99Dmv)


Dan D. Doty
07-23-2011, 06:53 PM
This from the same happy bunch that don't want I.D.s used at voting stations, want felons, illegal aliens and the dead the ability to vote in elections.

How long can one bunch of assholes go about Bush, and even Reagan year after year as if bitching some how changes the past :rolleyes:

If you live in the past, then you can never be part of the future.

07-23-2011, 11:25 PM
I've read some on this.

It's just more of the "It could of happened", no evidence or proof needed.

Dan D. Doty
07-24-2011, 03:36 AM
I've read some on this.

It's just more of the "It could of happened", no evidence or proof needed.

Its all part of something called magic thinking.

Moonbats don't like the world as it is, so in their minds they change things to suit themselves ( even thou facts and reality are against them).

" This is way things should be, there fore they are." Moonbats convince themselves that they are middle of the road-ers, and everyone thinks just like they do. Thus if they lose an election, that someone had to cheat. This way they don't have to deal with reality.

07-24-2011, 06:15 AM
I've read some on this.

It's just more of the "It could of happened", no evidence or proof needed.

DUmmies don't need evidence or proof when it comes to accusations against the BFEE.

Just like no evidence or proof is ever good enough or solid enough when one of their Libtard heroes is actually caught doing something wrong.

They want to call for investigations of the 2004 election and they long for a federal probe of News Corp.

Yet they are perfectly willing to look the other way on Anonymous or a Senator's staff digging through and releasing the personal financial records of Republican running for office (Michael Steele).

07-24-2011, 11:51 AM
and lax regulations that doomed the economyHey, that was on Billy's watch.

07-24-2011, 12:31 PM
Hey, that was on Billy's watch.

Not his fault. God gave men two heads but only enough blood to operate one at a time. His initials are BJ you know?:rolleyes:;)

07-24-2011, 03:18 PM
oh, good grief, they can't give anything a rest..

It's not like the MSM called Florida for Gore when there was still an hour left in the Pan handle for voters to continue voting or anything :rolleyes: