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07-24-2011, 03:08 PM

I had 4 leather chairs that started cracking. They were $250 each. I knew that it was time to get new ones when even the Restore at Habitat for Humanity didn't want my rejects. I sold one at a charity consignment store here in town that gives scholarships to young people from the proceeds. It's a good all around deal, I get 65%, they get 35%, one of those win/win things.

The search went on for new chairs. The shopping is a tad limited here in Sarasota. I checked out various consignment places, as I was determined to get a great new look without any big outlay of cash.

I took a big chance, purchased for the first time from CB2, the contemporary branch of Crate & Barrel.

I'll post a pic next of how they look in the house. I was worried when they said that they were "small" chairs. They've proved to be ok, other than I have to put a cushion on mine. I'm barely 5'3", so the addition of the pillow helps me eat without feeling like a little kid. :D

This proved my theory to be creative. These chairs are supposedly outside chairs, but can be used indoors. Now if any messy little kids come, we can just take them outside to the lanai and hose them down (the chairs, not kids). :p

07-24-2011, 04:07 PM
Here are the chairs in our place...