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07-24-2011, 05:08 PM

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Raise the debt ceiling. Period

It has become obvious that we are being shock doctrined.

If our president cares one whit about the people, or even his own election, he should say he will veto any bill other than a straight yes on raising the debt ceiling until 2013. Just get on with all other battles, get on with running the country, get on with doing the duty of elected officials.

Any congress person or president that uses this silly little rule with big consequences to further any other goal is a liar, a coward, and definitely deserves to be thrown out of office for dereliction of duty. We don't need to cut SS to help the debt. We don't need the president insisting that we do.

We need a president who will at least for a while, do what is right for the people.

Straight up and down vote and approval of a simple debt ceiling increase like the ones they did multiple times under ronnie. Gosh, maybe a straight up and down vote would have been possible if Democrats had done their job and passed budgets the past 2 1/2 years.

Now Obama sees that the majority of people ARE NOT with him so he has to lie, twist arms and attempt to intimidate people so the debt limit can be raised far enough so that he doesn't have to contend with it before the next election.

He knows he will lose if spending is an issue before the next election.........which is the same reason that the Dems wouldn't pass a budget before the 2010 elections. That didn't work out very well for them.

We need a president who will at least for a while, do what is right for the people.
Because according to the Democrats spending more and more money is what is "right" for the people.

It's funny.......they want taxes raised, but they don't offer to voluntarily send more of their own money in, nor do they offer to only have registered Democrats have their taxes raised? It's all about taking OTHER people's money.

TexDevilDog (75 posts) Sun Jul-24-11 03:17 PM
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1. I agree. Just raise the debt far enough to get past next election

Let the voters decide how they want to fix this by electing a new government.

Faryn Balyncd Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Jul-24-11 03:31 PM
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7. +1000...The only other reasonable option seems to be 14thIn other words: Obama, the Dictator