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Constitutionally Speaking
07-25-2011, 08:49 PM
The tea party, the most welcome political development since the Goldwater insurgency in 1964, lacks only the patience necessary when America lacks the consensus required to propel fundamental change through our constitutional system of checks and balances.

If Washington's trajectory could be turned as quickly as tea partiers wish — while conservatives control only one-half of one of the two political branches — their movement would not be as necessary as it is. Fortunately, not much patience is required.

The Goldwater impulse took 16 years to reach fruition in the election of Ronald Reagan. The tea party can succeed in 16 months by helping elect a president who will not veto necessary reforms. To achieve that, however, tea partiers must not help the incumbent achieve his objectives in the debt-ceiling dispute.

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110725/OPINION03/107250305/Tea-party-plans-merit-more-time#ixzz1TA9Yc276

I'm not sure if I agree with George Will on everything in the article, but I AM sure that the Tea Party needs to come out in droves this next election cycle to ensure that we get REAL, CONSERVATIVE, candidates instead of the RINO's and THEN we MUST make sure we support those candidates in November. We MUST be patient and realize that until Obama is gone and we have a majority in BOTH houses ( a REAL majority, not the phoney, RINO impeded, type that Bush had) we simply don't have the power to do anything except obstruct the liberal policies and spending. WE MUST win all three - House, Senate AND the Presidency in order to get the change we conservatives want and the change the country desperately needs.

This part says it pretty well

Richard Miniter, a Forbes columnist, is right: "Obama is not the new FDR, but the new Gorbachev." Beneath the tattered, fading banner of reactionary liberalism, Obama struggles to sustain a doomed system. Democrats' dependency agenda — swelling the ranks of government employees, multiplying government-subsidized industries, enveloping ever-more individuals in the entitlement culture — is buckling under an intractable contradiction: It is incompatible with economic growth sufficient to create enough wealth to feed the multiplying tax eaters.

Events are validating the tea partiers' arguments. Time is on their side, but not on America's, unless the impediment to reform is removed in 16 months.

Ranger Rick
07-26-2011, 06:40 PM
So which Tea Party group do you belong to?