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The Super-Lux Super Max
From flat-screen TVs to jogging trails, here's where Norway's mass murderer could end up.

"Both society and the individual simply have to put aside their desire for revenge, and stop focusing on prisons as places of punishment and pain," one Norwegian prison official told the Daily Mail. "Depriving a person of their freedom for a period of time is sufficient punishment in itself without any need whatsoever for harsh prison conditions."

Norway's newest jail may hold rapists and murderers, but Halden Prison -- the country's second largest and most secure facility -- looks more like a posh sleepaway camp. In fact, architects say they purposely tried to avoid an "institutional feel." When it opened in 2010, some news accounts called it the "most humane" prison in the world.

Indeed, one of the many perks at Halden is flat-screen televisions in inmates' rooms. There's no HBO, though, so reruns of Oz and The Wire are contraband. Still, prisoners get private cells with mini-fridges and large windows to let in more sunlight. Here, then, is a quick tour of what luxuries may await Breivik behind bars. (That's a figure of speech, of course: There are no iron bars at Halden.)

http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/07/25/the_su... (http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/07/25/the_super_lux_super_max)

And of course, these shit for brains are all for it...

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They forgot to mention the all you can eat pickled herring.:rolleyes:

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I'd be willing to bet an Obama budget that any of those DUmmies would be singing a different tune if one of their own children had been murdered by that sick f**k.

Anybody got a mole to burn reminding them that he was a "right winger?"

Do you think they'd support that type of incarceration (excuse me, rehabilitation) for the war criminals Bush and Cheney? :rolleyes:

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The prison sounds nicer than my dorm room at WMU was-and our dorms were pretty decent.

The one thing about the prison in Norway that makes sense to me is the single-occupant cells. Norway does not have the numbers of inmates that the US has, so it's probably more economically viable for them to do that, but it would cut down on the number of inmate assaults, sexual or otherwise. It would make it easier for the COs to do their jobs, and definitely make things like counts and lockdowns easier processes.