View Full Version : Police are trying to defuse a bomb that has been strapped to a teenage girl in Sydney

08-03-2011, 06:30 AM

POLICE are trying to defuse a bomb strapped to a teenage girl at a multimillion dollar house at Burrawong Avenue in Mosman.

The drama unfolded at 2.40pm this afternoon when an 18-year-old girl called police to the mansion in Burrawong Avenue, Mosman 'following discovery of a suspicious device'.

It was not clear how the device came to be strapped to the girl but it is understood she did not place it there herself.

A senior police poice officer described the device as an unusual 'collar bomb' which has never been seen before in Australia.

He said they believed it was an extortion attempt and that the initial details of the situation were being conveyed to police via the girl's father. ...