View Full Version : Nanny State Madness: California‘s Proposed ’Fitted Sheet’ Law

08-16-2011, 03:52 AM
When California’s elected officials come back from their month-long recess they face a mountain of proposed legislation (almost 900 bills are lined up and waiting), including a new law (SB432) that would require hotels to eliminate flat sheets. Not having fitted sheets on hotel beds would now be a crime in California. This is not a joke. . .

California, the state trying to deal with a massive $26 BILLION dollar debt, is considering a law that some hospitality industry experts claim would add an estimated $15 to $30 million dollars in costs to an already hurting hotel industry. The low-end estimate of fifteen million is the projected cost to purchase new fitted sheets for the 550,000 hotel beds in the state. ...link (http://www.theblaze.com/stories/nanny-state-madness-californias-proposed-fitted-sheet-law/)

08-16-2011, 08:24 AM
........Is My Little Bedbug blue tonight ?