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08-20-2011, 09:09 AM
'Witch-finders already have their sights on me': David Starkey hits back after causing race storm with Newsnight outburst

Historian David Starkey has defended his controversial outburst on Newsnight which sparked a racism storm following the riots - by protesting that the subject of race has become unmentionable......The writer and broadcaster was condemned for commenting on Newsnight that 'whites have become black', while appearing to blame the disorder on black 'gangsta' culture.

Hitting back at his detractors, he said the reaction to his remarks had been hysterical.
We will not continue, I think, to tolerate being lied to and cheated in the matter of race,' he wrote in the Daily Telegraph. 'Instead of 'not in front of the children', we want honesty.'.....The historian's original comments prompted hundreds of complaints, with the BBC saying viewers felt his contribution to the programme was 'inappropriate and racially offensive'.

But Starkey told the newspaper: 'I thought my appearance on Newsnight was supposed to be part of a wide-ranging discussion about the state of the nation.

Central to any such discussion, it seems to me, are the successes and failures of integration in Britain in the past 50 years. And it was these that I was trying to address.'
He wrote: 'The subject has become unmentionable, by whites at any rate. And any breach has been punished by ostracism and worse.


08-20-2011, 12:37 PM
P.C . Multicultural Media Brainwashing Continues In The UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, United States, Canada, France, or in other words in the countries from which about 90% (my guess only) of the useful inventions of the last 2000 years have originated as well as the culture we know as Western Democracy.

Am I being too generous to my own culture? Have I been brainwashed by the "neo-nazis" and "nationalists (the horror!)"?

When in the history of the world has a multi-national macro culture been so hell bent on self destruction as western European countries around the world have culturally worked toward for the last 50 years?