View Full Version : Every Hack Journalist Got a New Job This Week

08-22-2011, 09:39 AM
In your finally Friday media column: Michael Daly is leaving the NY Daily News, NewsBeast is a revolving door, Greta Van Susteren bolsters her "Fakest Journalist" credentials, a reporter quits in style, and something notable printed in The Daily.


Michael Daly, one of the most high profile columnists at the New York Daily News, is leaving the paper to join NewsBeast, multiple sources tell us. Rough. Congrats?

Of course, they need the help: at least five senior level staffers have left the Daily Beast recently. They've been replaced with as many new hires. The carousel just keeps spinning, I guess, who knows where it will end? (Barry Diller does.)

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, America's Fakest Journalist, will be attending Kim Kardashian's wedding, as a guest. As we mentioned, Greta Van Susteren is America's Fakest Journalist.

A departing staffer at the Valley City, ND newspaper totally blasted his paper's owners in their own paper on his way out the door. Read the enjoyable tale here!