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08-26-2011, 05:47 AM

Hawkeye, a black lab dog owned by the late Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, refused to leave the casket containing Tumilson's body at his funeral.

Tumilson was one of 22 Navy SEALs killed in a helicopter crash earlier this month.

Tumilson reportedly referred to Hawkeye as his 'son' -- and indeed, the dog led the family in procession at the service.

Then, as the family sat down, Hawkeye walked over to the casket, heaved a sigh and lay down beside it.

The dog will reportedly be taken care of by one of Tumilson's friends.


08-26-2011, 09:57 AM
From Book 17 of the Odyssey:

As they were speaking, a dog that had been lying asleep raised his head and pricked up his ears. This was Argos, whom Odysseus had bred before setting out for Troy, but he had never had any enjoyment from him. In... the old days he used to be taken out by the young men when they went hunting wild goats, or deer, or hares, but now that his master was gone he was lying neglected on the heaps of mule and cow dung that lay in front of the stable doors till the men should come and draw it away to manure the great close; and he was full of fleas. As soon as he saw Odysseus standing there, he dropped his ears and wagged his tail, but he could not get close up to his master. When Odysseus saw the dog on the other side of the yard, dashed a tear from his eyes without Eumaeus seeing it, and said:

"Eumaeus, what a noble hound that is over yonder on the manure heap: his build is splendid; is he as fine a fellow as he looks, or is he only one of those dogs that come begging about a table, and are kept merely for show?"

"This dog," answered Eumaeus, "belonged to him who has died in a far country. If he were what he was when Odysseus left for Troy, he would soon show you what he could do. There was not a wild beast in the forest that could get away from him when he was once on its tracks. But now he has fallen on evil times, for his master is dead and gone, and the women take no care of him. Servants never do their work when their master's hand is no longer over them, for Zeus takes half the goodness out of a man when he makes a slave of him."

So saying he entered the well-built mansion, and made straight for the riotous pretenders in the hall. But Argos passed into the darkness of death, now that he had seen his master once more after twenty years

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Watching that gave me chills amazing the love of a pet for its master

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No words indeed. :usflag:

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I inherited my dad's dog, Kato. He and my dad were inseperable. My dad used to do woodworking and intricate scrollsaw work. Kato would lay by the scrollsaw and wind up covered in sawdust and wood chips. I moved into my dad's house after he died and left his woodworking shop pretty much as he left it. I think he still misses my dad because every now and then Kato goes into the woodshop and lays by the scrollsaw. He does not nap or anything, just lays there and thinks.