View Full Version : U.S. State Department Warned U.S. Citizens in Jerusalem to Avoid Beck Event?

08-30-2011, 07:38 PM
In the aftermath of the Glenn Beck “Restoring Courage” rally, questions have emerged about a U.S. State Department message released the day of the event that warned Americans to stay away. The timing and specifics of the event warning have led some to claim that ideological opposition to the Beck event– not just concerns for American safety– could have influenced the decision....

. The “Emergency Message” addressed to U.S. Government Employees and visiting citizens in Jerusalem is available on the Consulate’s website. The message posted to the site on August 24th stated the following:

“The U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem notes that, according to local security sources, Jerusalem is under a heightened Security Alert. The police have established roadblocks in various sections of the city and increased their personnel on the streets. Vehicle inspections are being conducted, and suspicious individuals and bags are receiving further scrutiny.

U.S. citizens in Jerusalem are advised to exercise extra vigilance and avoid large crowds during upcoming rallies and religious holidays, particularly in and around Jerusalem’s Old City.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, there will be a rally held near the south east corner of the Old City. The areas between Dung Gate and Lions Gate are off-limits to official U.S. Government personnel from 4:00pm until 10:00pm on that day due to recent clashes in that area.”



The US Consul in Jerusalem and the majority of the employees there are blatant anti-Semites and very insolent. I took down several names of employees and threatened to report them to the State department for the way they treat Jewish US Citizens who come to renew passports, get birth certificates, Social Security Numbers etc........The American Consulate in Jerusalem is an anti-American viper pit
When you have a Muslim, Jewish hating President of the United States…. what did you expect.
It is so typical to read the criticism of Beck by people who have obviously not consistently watched his show. His fact finding team was amazing. And he showed the threats to Liberty from the very lips of the people he was outing. The people in the Obama administration sure as hell didn’t want you to know any of the stuff he was exposing.