View Full Version : .....Americans Have No Faith in the Feds

08-31-2011, 07:00 AM
The United States doesn’t only have an economic crisis on its hands. It has a political crisis, a crisis of popular legitimacy.

Gallup released a poll on Monday in which government ranked dead last in a list of 25 “business sectors,” with a favorability rating of 17 percent -- below both real estate and oil and gas....Sixty-three percent view government negatively. As the pollsters note, “The positive and the negative ratings for the federal government this year are the worst since Gallup began measuring its image in 2003.”

Everyone has a villain. Conservatives and Republicans believe President Obama has overspent, overreached and overplayed the hand he was dealt in the 2008 election.
Liberals and Democrats (Obama chief among them) believe Republican recalcitrance and conservatives’ relentless attacks on Obama have rendered our system “broken.”

Independents? As ever, they reserve the right to declare a pox on both.

This catastrophic decline in the general opinion of government did not begin with Obama, nor with the the Bush administration’s mishandling of Iraq and Katrina. To a large extent, it is the story of the last half-century of American politics. .....The 1960s began with John F. Kennedy’s exhortation that the American people should not ask “what your country can do for you” but rather “what you can do for your country.” In the two decades that followed, the issue was not what the American people asked of themselves but what was asked of them by their county.