View Full Version : Liberals Now Calling the ATF Expendable.

09-04-2011, 02:08 PM
In order to prevent further “Fast and Furious” damage to the Obama Regime, it appears the left is ready to pull the plug on one of its favorite exponents of Constitutional abuse: the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Since ATF agent-turned-whistle-blower John Dodson went to Senator Charles Grassley with the true story of the Obama Administration’s “Gunwalking” scheme, congressional investigations and diligent reporting by the blogosphere have threatened to upend the President, Attorney General Eric Holder and a host of Regime operatives, all up to their necks in the politics of murder.

In fact, “Watergate with Murder” has become a preferred description of the Regime’s Operation Fast and Furious. And it is a story of conspiracy and subterfuge which has spread in spite of the best efforts of Obama’s mainstream media.

So liberals are now wondering how to placate those unreasonable supporters of gun owners rights who have become unduly outraged simply because a few thousand firearms were shipped across the Mexican border into the waiting arms of the most violent people in the world.
So something is in the wind and perhaps it is the hope that a political right content to celebrate the dissolution of the ATF will give up the pursuit of an even bigger scalp ?

But although Republicans have a history of surrender to the forces of the far left, pursuit of those who originated and approved Operation Fast and Furious will continue unabated.

For not only is there extraordinary pressure on Republicans Charles Grassley and Darrell Issa to continue the investigation to a successful conclusion, this is a scandal which dwarfs the criminal activities of any administration in recent memory.

Even a President cannot arrange cold blooded murder and walk away unscathed.