View Full Version : Sept. 17, 2011: Day 1 of Anarchists' Attempt to Ignite America

09-04-2011, 06:57 PM
A “flash point” in law enforcement terms is “a point at which someone or something bursts suddenly into action or being.” One such point sits just ahead on the horizon in America, with various leftists and anarchists preparing to mobilize all their reserves for a burst into action beginning on and around Sept. 17.

The goal appears to be to bring the Arab Spring and European-style mob action stateside. While various websites related to the events call for “peaceful” protests against government and business, the website names contain words such as “rage” and “revolution.”

What is their purpose? Frankly, it doesn’t seem to matter. Different websites and causes are all interlinked with one another. Take your pick, as plenty are provided: Do you fly off the handle at the idea of political parties being allowed to receive donations of more than a single dollar per citizen?...... If so, then this protest movement has you covered......

Are you angry about “globalization”? Do you want all wars to end? Are you against the climate changing? ........Do you feel entitled to more entitlements? Has attending riots around the globe this year blown out your bank balance and now you’re broke?..... Are you out of work and don’t feel like doing something productive right now to change your predicament, preferring instead to vomit your frustrations on the world in general? ......

Are you generally annoyed with Wall Street and want the banks to be run by the “state” that you purport to hate? Are you looking for a vacation from logical reasoning? Are you looking for a two-month cheap camping vacation with awesome security?

......Excellent, come on down, Comrade 2.0, and bring your iPad—because everything is set to kick off imminently with a 2-month “occupation” of Wall Street from which you can tweet furiously at The Man.


09-05-2011, 02:18 AM
I predict Holder will do nothing as this is exactly what his Massa O Blah Blah wants. O Blah Blah is having wet dreams of this very thing.