View Full Version : Chance of Obama's New Stimulus Passing “Less Than Zero,” Says GOP Aide

09-07-2011, 09:17 PM
We’re only hearing vague details about what’s in Obama’s rumored $300 billion stimulus plan, but there are already plenty of reasons to doubt it will get past Republicans in Congress.

It’s hard to imagine GOP lawmakers passing a watered-down carbon copy of the reviled 2009 stimulus, after the conservative movement spent so much energy criticizing the last one. Even if Republicans in Congress wanted to support it – which is doubtful – the conservative movement wouldn’t let them get away with it.

Another concern is the president neglected to reach out to Republican leadership on the plan, despite his claim he wants to reach a bipartisan proposal. Unless Obama is willing to reach across the aisle, he can’t rely on Republican support.

So it’s not a surprise that plan is already being dismissed as dead on arrival, according to Politico’s Ben White:.... One GOP aide said chances were “less than zero” that Obama would get anything through that was not entirely paid for with immediate spending cuts (not the promise of them in the future). …

And the aide said there was no chance of passing big infrastructure project spending. “We tried that once. Shovel-ready turned out not to be shovel-ready. It’s not happening again.” A different aide said that “everything is political at this point. Everything is positioning for 2012. Everything.”

O.K.....Now all of the Unions and the Blacks march on Congress and raise hell in Washington...
...........There will be blood.....