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09-09-2011, 05:58 PM
Phoenix district United States Attorney Dennis Burke resigned last week, desperately hoping the move would help him avoid prison time for his criminal involvement in the Obama Regime’s Operation Fast and Furious.

Chief of Staff to former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Burke moved to Washington, D.C. as her Senior Adviser when Napolitano was chosen to head up Homeland Security, acquiring along the way all the political clout necessary to become Obama’s pick as US Attorney.

And when the dependably dishonest, liberal “yes man” was named to the post in September of 2009, Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder knew another indispensable Department of Justice operative was in place for the implementation of Operation Fast and Furious......For although this criminal enterprise was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms operation, we now know it was actually the Obama empowered US Attorney’s office in Arizona which pulled the strings it was hoped would bring the scheme to fruition.

In a letter to US Attorney Ann Scheel, Burke’s replacement in Arizona, Senator Charles Grassley writes, “the level of involvement of the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona in the genesis and implementation of [Fast and Furious] is striking.” And later, Grassley states his committee’s investigation “…has revealed [the Arizona US Attorney's office]…played an integral role in the day-to-day, tactical management of the case.” (1)
Moreover, “…all the available tools, such as civil forfeitures and seizure warrants, were not used in [Fast and Furious] to prevent illegally purchased guns from being trafficked to Mexican drug cartels and other criminals.” (1)

Why would the United States Attorney, tasked with prosecuting those identified by Fast and Furious, wish to make the job of the ATF more difficult?.....Because the true purpose of the Operation was neither to interdict the smuggling of guns nor uncover the identities of the “Who’s Who” of Mexican drug and arms traffickers......Guns were SUPPOSED to move across the border, show up at countless crime scenes and be traced back to US dealers....... Only then would the left be provided with the necessary excuse for the implementation of more restrictive gun legislation on the American public.

And the DOJ, through Dennis Burke’s office in Arizona, was entrusted with making sure these things happened......But although Burke worked to protect straw purchasers and gun runners from the law, his other criminal interference in Fast and Furious was even more disgraceful.

09-09-2011, 06:07 PM
Prison awaits former Fast and Furious US Attorney Dennis Burke Part 2

As White House and Department of Justice architects of Fast and Furious were frankly counting on their Gunwalking scheme to end in murder, it is perhaps ironic that it was the December 15th shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry which rang down the curtain on their enterprise, led Dennis Burke to his final criminal misadventures and brought the Operation into public view.

Burke’s office had spent a year making certain ATF efforts in Fast and Furious would come to naught. But now an American agent was dead and it was imperative no connection be made between that crime and the Operation......ATF higher-ups instantly suspected that Fast and Furious acquired weapons had been used by the gang of Mexican illegals involved in Terry’s murder.
But arresting Avila on charges of contributing to the death of Terry would not only reveal the Fast and Furious connection, it would raise the question of why Avila had not been arrested earlier for illegal firearms purchases.
A series of emails acquired by Senator Charles Grassley’s Justice Committee reveal how Burke, ATF Phoenix Group Supervisor David Voth and Phoenix ATF Field Office SAC William Newell decided to handle the problem..............Just hours after Terry’s death, Voth emailed Newell (and possibly also alerted the US Attorney’s office) that Avila was in custody. “We are charging Avila with a standalone June 2010 firearms purchase where he used a bad address on the 4473 [firearms purchaser form],” wrote Voth. “This way we do not divulge our current case (Fast and Furious) or the Border Patrol shooting case.” (1)

So the fact that Avila had contributed to the death of Brian Terry was covered up by ATF superiors as they deliberately used an unrelated offense to effect his arrest...........And US Attorney Burke assisted in the cover up, even lying to a Federal court about Avila’s involvement, claiming in a written statement that “Avila’s offenses [were] factually attenuated from the murder–if connected at all.”

In fact, Burke made this false claim in his denial of a Victim Class status application by Brian Terry’s parents in the Avila prosecution, thereby preventing the Terry’s from taking part in the prosecution or speaking during the sentencing phase...........Under questioning by members of the Grassly/Issa congressional committees last month, Dennis Burke became too physically ill to complete his testimony.

Small wonder, as this is a man who violated his oath of office, betrayed the American people and was complicit in the commission of criminal offenses which have cost the lives of 100 or more people in two countries..............Such is the arrogance of the left that resignation from office is believed to be the most enduring sacrifice any liberal can be expected to make. But this “out of sight, out of mind” tactic on the part of former US Attorney Dennis Burke will fool no one.

His days of freedom are numbered.

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09-09-2011, 07:08 PM
Holder and Obama should both be in jail over this shit

09-09-2011, 09:53 PM
Holder and Obama should both be in jail over this shit

Holders too slippery to go to jail..This must be why he was so sick that they had to stop his Congressional hearings ,his visions of sitting in jail made him sick to his stomach .Burke is as guilty as sin as is Holder but Holder will get away while he goes to the slammer.