View Full Version : I am watching the best show ever!

09-14-2011, 04:47 AM
I'm awake because I'm on-call, while flipping through the channels, I am across a show called, and I'm not kidding, "Treehugger T.V."!

It's an entire show featuring moonbats being moonbatty! From groups of moonbats who gather at bars to drink dirt out of wineglasses in an effort to, "get closer to where their food comes from.", to a UFO convention where some moonbat tries to convince the audience that, "Aliens have given us the technology for unlimited energy, and the government is trying to keep it from us to help the oil companies." (According to this "expert" in UFO drive systems, Boeing has "verified" his design, and his cleaning lady works for the C.I.A.)

I can't stop laughing, it's show by moonbats, for moonbats, of moonbats! They are a complete parody of their own stereotypes. It's like the DUmp in a T.V. show format!

There's a group who is trying to put together a time capsule. They haven't been able to decide on a single item to put in it for 4 years. There's a group of people who go around in a prius testing air pollution to try to sell other moonbats pollution clean detergents. A group of moonbats in Colorado whose sole purpose in living is to establish, and codify in law, a protocol for communicating with extra-terrestrials. (They also hooked disco lights and a DJ setup to a laptop and called it "advanced alien technology" which is designed to *ahem*, "display lights in many different colors".

I can't stop laughing. This is a must watch for those of the sane persuasion.

There's a group of people who honesty believe, that if enough people come together to practice some yoga-sit-ass-jumping excercise (i.e):


and if those yoga-sit-ass-jumpers are in a properly designed building......that peace will be reached between Israel and Palestine, and that India will lie down with Pakistan or some shit.

You can't make this level of retardation up! I'm horrified, but I can't stop watching!

It's on the "Green T.V." channel.