View Full Version : Obama Hates Israel Billboards Go Up in New York City.

09-14-2011, 04:20 PM
The Emergency Committee for Israel has been ramping up its criticism of the Obama administration, launching ad campaigns in the run-up to today’s NY-9 election and the Palestinian unilateral statehood declaration at the UN.
The group’s latest billboard ads, which went up today, feature a giant photo of President Obama and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas sharing a jovial handshake in front of a Palestinian flag. “Attacking Israel at the United Nations: Not Pro-Israel,” blares one of the billboards.

“Calling for a divided Jerusalem: Not Pro-Israel,” reads another.....The billboards have popped up at locations across the city, including 11th Avenue & 38th Street (Lincoln Tunnel entrance), Centre Street & Grand Street

in SoHo, 11th Avenue & 38th Street at the Javits Center, the entrance to Queensboro Bridge, and the Long Island Expressway entrance to the Midtown tunnel. They direct New Yorkers to ECI’s new website, www.NotProIsrael.com.