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09-17-2011, 08:34 AM
Does Democrat David Weprin’s surprising loss Tuesday in New York’s heavily Jewish and Democratic 9th Congressional District signal a shift of the Jewish vote away from US President Barack Obama?

.....If you believe Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the NY-9 vote is unrepresentative of American Jewry. The disproportionately high level of Orthodox Jews living in the district, which spans Brooklyn and the Queens, means that deep down this is a traditional-minded constituency very different from the primarily non-Orthodox – and Democratic – majority of US Jews.

Perry: Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as a Jewish State

Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry wrote an op-ed taking the Palestinians to the woodshed for their plans to seek UN recognition of a Palestinian state. He also admonished President Obama for distancing himself from Israel while pursuing engagement with Iran and Syria. While the Obama Administration has been notable for exerting pressure on Israel, a Perry Administration would put the pressure where it belongs: The United States must affirm that the precondition for any properly negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is the formal recognition of the right of Israel