View Full Version : Here on a Green Card and Already Moaning About America's free elections !

09-10-2008, 11:22 AM
Feeling the campaign heat (green card college student bemoans McCain-Palin ticket)

Parisa Saranj, Collegian columnist,Here on a Green Card and Already Moaning About America's free elections !

Now that the subject of presidential campaign is significant and almost in every gathering and discussion the subject comes up, I find myself a little indifferent.

First, I am not an American citizen, and I have far more important worries such as surviving my classes and my immigrant life after all those loans I've taken from family members, friends and the university.

Second, I am beginning to lose all hope and start to believe that once again Americans are going to elect someone who is less concerned about public health, education, economy or peace and human rights.

It is unfair to see how women are being exploited once again. I respect, for instance, the choice of Sarah Palin and her family to give birth to a special needs child, or to justify a teen pregnancy, ("That Magic word...but") I wonder if it is moral to set these choices as standards for all women?

It is unfair to constantly hear about experiences of a veteran who is using war as a sacred opportunity that qualifies him for running a nation. I believe that war is a difficult situation to be in, but I often wonder whether feeling it shouldn't make a person more in favor of peace or a withdrawal of troop from an occupied country.


09-10-2008, 11:33 AM
Shes free to go back to Iran if its so bad here. See how much freedom and opinion shes allowed there