View Full Version : Violence in Karachi: Into the abyss {Gangsters and politicians collude}

09-20-2011, 08:24 AM
ETHNIC warfare in Pakistanís most populous city has reached such a level that Karachiís ambulance service now has to send out a driver matching the racial make-up of the destination district to pick up the victims of gang attacks...... Otherwise, the districtís gunmen will not let the ambulance through....... Now ambulances themselves are coming under fire, as gangsters try to stop them saving the lives of their enemies....... Karachiís ethnic wars have claimed some 1,000 lives this year, with more than 100 in the past week alone. ........By contrast the Taliban and other religious extremists kill tiny numbers in Karachi.

A grisly new feature of the carnage is that people are not just being shot.... They are being abducted and tortured; then their bullet-ridden, mutilated bodies are dumped in sacks and left in alleyways and gutters. ......Victimsí limbs, genitals or heads are often severed..... Torture cells operate across Karachi...... The butchery is filmed on mobile phones and passed around, spreading the terror further..... Most victims are ordinary folk randomly targeted for their ethnicity.

At the cityís Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, a public facility, doctors treat only Mohajirs, who dominate the local district and are the biggest ethnic group in Karachi/........ Mohajirs are descendants of those who moved to Pakistan from India in 1947, when the subcontinent was partitioned.... Ambulance crews must determine the ethnicity of patients and take them to the right hospital......