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09-20-2011, 02:01 PM
The BrahMos Aerospace —the Indo-Russian joint venture that has developed the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile — is keen to sell the missile to Vietnam with which India is developing a strong strategic relationship, sources have confirmed.

However, the Indian government’s approval will have to be taken for any such acquisition. Sources also confirmed that Vietnam is already on a list of about 15 “friendly countries” — that was decided by a joint Indo-Russian supervisory council — to whom the BrahMos missile can be sold.

“Informal talks are on but no concrete proposal has been made as yet,” a source who did not want to be identified, told this newspaper. “Any acquisition of the BrahMos missile will be of immense value to Vietnam and will boost its defence preparedness,” sources said.

So far, the BrahMos missile has not been sold to any third country although a few have already evinced interest in acquiring it.

In a move that signalled the importance of strategic ties between India and Vietnam in the wake of increased Chinese military assertion in Asia, defence secretary Shashi Kant Sharma had also recently begun an official visit to Vietnam. India is set to offer naval facilities for training and capacitybuilding to Vietnam.



India..Vietnam <.....> China..Pakistan... South China Sea oil gas disputes now an Vietnam navy armed with high speed sea skimming Cruise Missiles,...Next Up,to balance the equation,sell Vietnam India's Nukes....
I said years ago that India was going to develop itself as a regional counterbalance to China. This is just another piece of evidence for that thesis.....We would be wise to court India, instead of driving her away.
I wonder if we are starting to see the development of the “central powers”, of China, Pakistan, and North Korea, against the “triple entente” of India, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. A crude mirror of the situation before World War I.

This would be yet another parallel, such as how the “battleship (dreadnought) race” has a parallel with the current race in submarines.
Please read above post. the US is not in any way behind there are reasons for each type of missile.
to get that HIGH speed of a ram jet missile you give up some other things
Ramjet systems like Brahmos have less range then say Tomahawk
and do I doubt have multi attack option like Harpoon (self search at a given way point with course correction)
This is much like in the early 80s when Exocet got so much press from the Falklands war, it looked to be a war winner but in reality was and is far less capable than the Harpoon
well, China supplies Pakistan with its jets/missile and nuke tech. Never doubted India would take that lying down. Arming Vietnam with anti ship supersonic cruise missiles is just what India would do esp since China is building its naval arm.
This sale could be very significant and a not-so-subtle poke at China by India.
A part of the equation that most seem to not see, all that range and speed are not really that useful with out a sensor platform that can “see” that far.
This is a classic soviet/russian style weapon system See (moskit), Fast and mostly straight. Not saying it cant be effective but not a panacea. High speed means less maneuver and short time for target to react works both ways less time for missile to deal with counter measures, next gen of DD’s (Zumwalt) may even have Rail Guns in near future...As for the high speed sea skimmer...counter measure google SEARAM
For an effective strike at sea, against a defended target like a US CVN group one would either need MASSIVE numbers....or complete surprise.

The counter strike from a CVN is of course multi-phased....Harpoon for mid range high speed attack, or tomahawk for a long range missile attack. With option for further close in work with Maverick.

Defense wise the Hawk eye platform as a rule will allow for much earlier detection of inbound weapons allowing for better endangerment by CVN group

F/A 18’s with Harm to deal with air defense radar....Harpoon from Air or Sea for mid range high speed attack
Tomahawk for long range attack