View Full Version : ROPMA..Amsterdam court damaged by missile

09-21-2011, 01:13 PM
Eyewitnesses say two men on a motorcycle fired the missile at the court on the Parnassusweg at around 02.30 hours.......The grenade left a hole in the court’s outer wall and shattered windows on seven storeys. The damaged part of the building houses a number of courtrooms and several offices of the Public Prosecutor. Court sessions will go ahead as planned, a court spokesperson said.

Police expect the investigation to last throughout the day........The high-security court in Amsterdam-Osdorp was attacked four years ago. On the first day of the trial of criminal Willem Holleeder and several other suspects, unknown assailants fired two explosive devices against the fortified courthouse, causing severe damage.

Not a Missile but more likely an RPG typically used by Islamic terrorists.....