View Full Version : Why the $16 muffin is no joke...

09-23-2011, 08:48 AM

Have you heard the one about the Justice Department's $16 muffins? Probably not, though even if you have, this latest revelation of workaday government waste has long since lost its capacity to shock. And therein lies the real problem.


Managers whose budgets do not depend on customer satisfaction and who do not face competitive pressure in the marketplace, will not, on balance, spend their money wisely. Vendors selling to those managers know that price matters much less than it does to, say, Wal-Mart. And anywhere there is political urgency and official involvement high up the command chain, conditions will begin resembling a gold rush.


As long as we believe that government is good at creating jobs and stimulating the economy, we're going to be stuffed by much more than just $16 muffins.