View Full Version : Cat with 2 faces marks 12 years of defying odds, setting records

09-29-2011, 07:45 PM
By Michael Winter, USA TODAY
Here's one instance when being two-faced isn't a bad thing, especially when it lands you in the Guinness records for defying death.

Frank and Louie is one cool cat, born in Massachusetts 12 years with separate faces and given little chance of surviving beyond a few hours. He actually set the record for longest-living Janus cat -- named for the Roman god with two faces -- back in 2006, when he lived in Ohio, but he's back in the news today, thanks to an Associated Press pickup ("Mass. cat with 2 faces lives 12 years, sets record") of a Worcester Telegram & Gazette feature on this amazing feline ("Two-faced cat earns Guinness record").

Regardless, this cat will always be a great story. Every day is a record for Frank (left) and Louie (right), a Virgo, whose recent birthday was Sept. 8.
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