View Full Version : Newsman Covers Protests for Paper … and for Media Activist Group

10-06-2011, 11:01 AM
A Philadelphia newspaper reporter assigned to cover the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York is moonlighting as a Media Matters activist — tweeting in support of the protests while writing about them.

Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News — whose front page article on Tuesday carried the headline “It’s About Time!”— is also, according to his own Twitter feed, a senior fellow at Media Matters, the anti-Fox News media group.

FoxNews.com was unable to find any mention of Bunch’s association with Media Matters on Philly.com, which hosts content from the Philadelphia Daily News and its rival, the Inquirer.

There is also no mention in the Daily News’ online edition of Bunch’s support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, which is suggested in his Twitter posts.

In an interview with FoxNews.com, Bunch said he works as news reporter, blogger and editor. “I do it all,” he said. When asked about his relationship with Media Matters, Bunch said that when the group approached him to be a fellow, he told his editors he would basically be doing for Media Matters what he’d been doing on his Daily News blog since 2005.

“I’ve always written about the media, criticizing the media a lot from a progressive point of view,” he said. “I think my editors are really proud to have someone writing with a point of view. I have a strong background, and I’m pretty good at identifying issues in the media. We think it’s good for dialogue and for selling papers.”

“The Daily News is fairly unusual, we’re not that big on boundaries,” said Bunch. “The new editor, Larry Platt, encourages us to be more opinionated.”