View Full Version : Pew Paid US Vets $20 For Push Poll On Wars

10-06-2011, 09:33 PM
The setup.

WASHINGTON (AP) One in three U.S. veterans of the post-9/11 military believes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting, and a majority think that after 10 years of combat America should be focusing less on foreign affairs and more on its own problems, according to an opinion survey released Wednesday.

Associated Press (http://news.yahoo.com/poll-1-3-vets-sees-iraq-afghan-wars-040253311.html):

But if you look closer, they paid for those results.

Additional steps were taken in order to assure the highest possible rate of response among post-9/11 veterans, including:

(1) A $20 incentive was offered to all respondents in the post-9/11 sample who initially refused to participate in the survey, and starting July 22, 2011, this incentive was offered to all post-9/11 veterans in the sample.


Now this raises a problem with the poll. If you start offering $20 for a response, you will likely get one, regardless of if they are actually a vet or not.