View Full Version : Golden oldie: Veggietails are the debil!!!

09-10-2008, 10:04 PM
Not the least bit surprising:


Archae (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 10:45 PM
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I have NO doubt I'll get flamed for this...


I was helping my sister baby-sit, and we watched two episodes of those blasted "Veggie Tales."

I don't like them, period.

I consider them to be glitzy propaganda from the Religious Reich.

Sorry for the rant, just irritated tonight.

roughsatori (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 10:49 PM
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2. I hate them too, they are sacreligious

Rick Myers DU Moderator Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 10:51 PM
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3. No, you are correct! They are EVIL!!!

I'd rather my 5 year old nephew watch American History X than that drivel!!!

Horrid stuff!

umcwb (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 10:53 PM
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4. I don't think you will get flamed much....

I just found out recently that they preach bible verses in the cartoon. My feelings are, hey, if you want to indoctrinate your kids, go ahead, but I am not watching it.

w13rd0 (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 11:01 PM
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5. Yeah...

...advertised heavily in Branson, MO. They figure parents don't supervise what their kids watch, so wrapping up religious rhetoric in "vegetables" will let them reach the godless liberals...

Archae (1000+ posts)
Wed Jul-09-03 11:05 PM
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8. What pisses me off the most about these is...

It's just a gussied up version of the usual fundy Christian garbage.

"Buh-leeve in Jay-zus, and every'ting will be alls hunky-dory!"

Pure bullshit.

Maddy McCall Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Thu Jul-10-03 12:06 AM
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11. They show these in my son's PUBLIC SCHOOL on rainy days

Instead of recess outside, they get a Veggietales movie. UGHHHH!

roughsatori (1000+ posts)
Thu Jul-10-03 12:25 AM
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Some home schooling moms use them as history lessons

My sister is a fundi, and she told me this about some of her fellow Church-Ladies. Even she thought it was ridiculous--they actually count it as part of the history curriculum!


Anti-Christian bigotry. Part and parcel to DU for a long, long time.

movie buff
09-10-2008, 11:49 PM
Just more of the usual anti- Christian hate mongering we've come to expect from the DUmp.
Hatred is an important part of the DUmmies' way of living.

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