View Full Version : Corgis are ‘the new cats’ of Internet culture

10-09-2011, 06:01 PM
Maybe you saw them playing tether ball. Or jumping into a lake. Or getting in some exercise on the treadmill. Having breakfast. Escaping from deadly factories. Waging war against the ThunderCats.

Millions have.

That’s because Welsh corgis have taken the Internet by storm, and according to artist Caldwell Tanner, they’re the perfect vehicle for online communication.

“In a very silly way I was trying to make a statement about it,” Tanner said about this small dog that has made its way into the zeitgeist. Tanner is a full-time illustrator at CollegeHumor.com and off-hour corgi enthusiast.

At work, because of the nature of CollegeHumor’s content, Tanner said he’s faced with a daily onslaught of videos, Internet media and culture. Being exposed to so many images and ideas now associated with corgis, Tanner had a realization.

“Cats are kind of the prototypical Internet animal, and now it's corgis,” he said, referencing lolcats and advice animals Internet memes. “They're like the new cats, the more sincere version of cats.” So in his spare time, he came up with a simple corgi idea.... All your Lolcat are belong to us (http://geekout.blogs.cnn.com/2011/10/07/corgis-are-%E2%80%98the-new-cats%E2%80%99-of-internet-culture/?hpt=hp_c2)

10-11-2011, 09:07 PM
Cute! :D