View Full Version : What can Haight/Asbury tell us about OWS?

10-17-2011, 01:16 PM
I believe we have not seen the end of it. let me back up a few years.

For the last 3-4 years the Happy Hippee Hopey Changy faction of aging baby boomers have been trying to change the system but have failed. Much like the free love days of the late 60's. They hung their hopes on a nail built on the phantom foundation of "If we only believe, it will happen."

Now comes OWS, which started with the overcast cover of Happy Hippee Hopey Changey rhetoric. Complete with donated clothing, food, and other essentials of campground bliss. OWS is their new "Woodstock", after all the whole "Woodstock II" thing was an embarrassment.

Haight/Asbury was a similar thing when it first started. Free food, housing, love, drugs, etc...all the things needed for a no cost existence. This continued until the freeloaders outnumbered the ability to supply them with "free stuff". It then disintegrated into a drug induced hell hole with people not helping each other, but taking advantage of each other.

This gave rise to the Militant Manson Hippee. "To achieve change, we must force it" is there battle cry. This movement, and those like it, ruined thousands of lives. Now we have the Chief Executive cheering the Militant Manson Hippees onward. Barry O is bestowing political legitimacy to the Militant Manson Hippees.

Will the US have to go through the Haight/Asbury cycle??