View Full Version : This DU er is talking about change BUT !!!!!

09-11-2008, 11:15 AM
He only wants to "Change" Republicans..... where is DU on changing Congress... the Democratically controlled congress has the lowest approval rating ever. Yet i see not outcry on DU.... HMMM
The silence on DU is Deafening !!!!!!!!!!

Obama and Biden are both people that have worked in Washington DC politics....... especially biden... how is giving them new washington jobs "change" ask you Obama friends about this..

Always remember that Obama represents "Chicago style politics" " Mayor Daley political machine... and that Obama eliminated all of his opponents on the ballot to win his senate seat... ask your Obama friends about this.......

Sarah Pallin has NEVER held a job in Washington D.C. would'nt bringing her to DC mean " a change"
Ask your Obama supporter friends if bringing pallen even as vice president does not represent change and if they say no they ask them "how can that be" she has NEVER held a job in Washington DC

I agree we need change among my friends and associates i have been saying we need to throw all the people out of Washington i beleive they have become to powerful and too comfortable... i also have beleived for a long time we need to change the structure of government to take the ability to gain power among mere congressional people and the president.......

but Obama is just more of the same... so is Biden they always vote with thier party... to some degree Mc Cain represents bi partisian but he is still a 30 something year vetern of WAshington politics... SArah pallin has NEVER held a job in Washington and to me that is the REAL CHANE... period end of discussion