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10-30-2011, 04:57 AM
Over the past couple weeks, The Blaze has received reports that some NYC Occupy protesters have been leaving their tents at night and fleeing to a local hotel for better accommodations. And while weíre still investigating those claims, it seems now thereís evidence of something similar going on in London.

The Daily Mail has published thermal imaging pictures showing that the tents at the Occupy camp near St. Paulís Cathedral are nearly empty at night. The Daily Mail commissioned the photographs itself after images from a police helicopter showed similar findings. Hereís how it explains the photos:

These are the damning images that prove the anti-capitalist protest that has closed St Paulís Cathedral is all but deserted at night.
Footage from a thermal imaging camera taken late at night reveals just a fraction of the makeshift camp was occupied.

An independent thermal imaging company, commissioned by the Daily Mail, captured these pictures after similar footage from a police helicopter found only one in ten tents were occupied after dark.
In these shots, taken late on Monday night, the presence of body heat from humans is represented by yellow and red inside the tents.

The tents that are coloured purple indicate they are colder and thus empty. The buildings behind are also yellow and red because of the higher temperatures inside.

Here are some of the photos the Daily Mail captured:





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