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11-11-2011, 10:28 PM
From Hope and Change Cartoon (http://hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com/)s:


Today is Veteran's Day and interestingly the date is 11-11-11. A date composed entirely of "ones." Which seems particularly appropriate since it's only about 1% of our population who serve in the military, guaranteeing the freedoms of the 99% who exist comfortably, noisily, and too-often ungratefully on the sidelines.

We stand in the debt of these rare heroes - not just today, but every day. And we should thank them every chance we get...because they gave us every chance, and every choice, we get.

Currently, we see our city streets and city parks littered with inarticulate and over-privileged people who know nothing of the hardships of war, yet demand domestic war and class warfare - notions which are actually being fomented and encouraged by Barack Hussein Obama and the Left.

Moreover, disingenuous politicians have passed their budget-balancing responsibilities to a "supercommittee" which seems increasingly likely to do nothing...forcing a half-trillion dollars in cuts to the military's budget and unavoidable reductions in benefits to veterans and their families. Once again, they're the first to be put in harm's way.

Hopefully, things will be changing for the better after the next election. But for today, let's put all politics aside and take time to honor those who have lived and died in service of our nation.

Make time to say "thank you" to the 1%.

I'd heard that only 1% of Americans are currently in the armed forces, and that only 5% know anyone serving. We're rapidly becoming Rome, with the legions being less and less a part of the public's daily life. This does not bode well for the republic.