View Full Version : San Fran doesn'know what to do with OWS!

11-20-2011, 01:16 AM
The health department declares the OWS site a public nuisance and a danger.

The City can't bring itselt to close it down.


Barbara Garcia, head of the city’s public health department, said the grassy area being used by the campers has been found to contain feces and have inadequate toilet facilities. Conditions for the spread of respiratory illnesses have also been present, and animal control officials have warned about the spread of canine illnesses.

11-20-2011, 01:26 AM
If you and I were sitting in a city park with bad bathroom facilities and homemade signs, guess how quick most cities would get rid of us? Zuccotti Park? We wouldn't have been able to spend a single night. San Francisco might let us hang out a bit, but eventually they'd kick us out too.

11-20-2011, 10:45 AM
We are talking about a city whose last debate was whether nudists should have to sit on towels in restaurants.