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11-20-2011, 04:14 PM
I posted a mention of this in the sidebar on Friday. More detail emerged yesterday on what prompted the hammer attack:

The…incident took place around 7 a.m. Friday when protester Alan Porter, 45, of Portland, began banging on a drum to wake other members of the group. According to police, several of the protesters objected and one kicked the drum. When Porter continued to drum, police allege that Danny Arnold, 34, with no permanent address, ran up to Porter and tried to choke him.

Police said after Porter broke away from Arnold, Christopher Schisler, 34, who also listed no permanent address and has called himself “head of security,” broke the drum with a hammer.

Got that. So a guy starts drumming at 7am and one guy tries to choke him out. Then the “head of security rushes in to…break the drum with a hammer. That’s when things really escalated:

As Schisler was walking away, police said, he was hit in the back with a piece of the broken drum. Police allege that Schisler then walked back to Porter and hit him in the head with the hammer.

Arnold was issued a summons for assault, police said, and Schisler has been charged with aggravated assault.

So the Mr. alarm clock got angry and threw a piece of his broken drum at the Mr. Security’s head. At that point Mr. Security turned and hit him with the hammer. The group denounced the violence:

Occupy Maine issued a statement condemning the incidents Friday and said the group remains “resolute in our commitment to nonviolent social and economic change.”

Obviously, they are also seriously committed to sleeping in until at least 8am.link (http://www.verumserum.com/?p=33808)


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Finally, occupiers are realizing what the rest of us already know:

Drum circle hippies need their asses kicked. :D

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At least it's occupy Portland and not Occupy Bangor. I hear that in Bangor, there is a murderous clown living in the sewer system.