View Full Version : The Best Deals Are Hitting Shelves AFTER Black Friday

11-26-2011, 02:10 AM

...The best deals on electronics and other big Black Friday sellers are actually in early December, experts say.

University of Washington professor Oren Etzioni told Stephanie Clifford at the Times the whole purpose of the "holiday" is to drag retailers hit hard by a poor economy out of the red and into the black.

The real shopping sweet spot for consumers sniffing out the best deals usually occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually in the first couple weeks of December.

You'll score better deals on things like clothing and toys as stores will be itching to get rid of leftover Black Friday inventory, dealhound Dan de Grandpre, of Dealnews.com, told the Times.

And the craziest sales pop up the day after Christmas, when retailers are all but giving their stock away.

In fact, the whole marketing craze leading up to Nov. 25 when retailers "leak" doorbuster deals to the press and compete to see who will open the earliest is often more a mental trick than an attempt to save consumers money.

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