View Full Version : Happy days, for clueless people

12-08-2011, 01:46 PM
What a lovely piece written.

Let's see: How many ways can we try to exclude others from our lives?

Well, there's the classic "gated community" or the subdivision bylaws that require a certain lot and home size to be built. That way you can make sure you feel your world is always sunshine and roses.

Or you could cut public funding for education because that will help prevent poor children from getting a decent education. Oh, I suppose you could claim that you are giving that money to voucher schools to help the poor. Of course, the voucher schools won't have to follow the same standards as a public school, so you'll have effectively "gated" your school and your children away from those in a different socioeconomic group.

If that's not isolating enough, you could always home-school your kids. That way you can pretend that your children will never have to go out of their little bubble of safety. Home schooling has the added benefit of providing you with the hubris to believe that everything you say and do is spot-on correct.

It's the perfect way to indoctrinate the little ones without all of that pesky critical thinking so prevalent in the outside world.

In the event that you have to go shopping, make sure you carry your concealed weapon. You never know what drama is going to take place at the checkout counter of your local grocery store.

Couch all of this under the guise of morality and religion. Be sure all poor people are given free ultrasounds showing them their "baby" so you can guilt them into producing another human they can't afford to feed. Make sure you show them pictures of healthy full-term babies who are well cared for.

Don't mention that BadgerCare might drop thousands of children from its rolls. That is something you don't want them to know, at least not until after the "baby" is born. By all means, don't provide any form of free birth control. I mean, if we did that, where would we get our cheap labor from?

Ignore all pleas to create better public transportation. Drive by as quickly as you can when you see someone who has just left his or her minimum-wage job standing at a bus stop in January.

Protest all efforts to create better housing for low-wage earners. Tell them they should just work harder and then they won't be poor. While you are doing this, ignore all efforts to improve working conditions, by deregulating businesses. We can't afford to make a business responsible for its employees. That would impede the growth of the company. It's the employees' fault, after all, if they are killed by a punch press. Besides, the good news is, due to the wonders of ultrasound, desperate workers are plentiful.

Appease your conscience by dishing out food to the poor on a holiday. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before rushing back to your safe enclave.

Gee, if it wasn't for that pesky oxygen thing, we could almost pretend some humans don't exist at all.