View Full Version : Yahoo-Fire at Conn. home kills ad exec's 3 kids, parents

12-26-2011, 02:31 PM
This in regard to fire in Connecticut that killed 5 people. There are some sick freaks out there. The Keyboard Commandos and OWS are at it. Talk about a bitter bunch. This makes DU look sane compared to Yahoo, YouTube, etc.

Steven B 1 min 34 secs ago
Many more people out there deserving of sympathy other than these rich @#$%. Don't feel the least bit sorry for them.

Jon • New York, New York • 2 mins 32 secs ago
All 1% can burn in hell
Sounds like a OWS'er.

cosmic hat • Fulton, Mississippi • 5 mins ago
I stopped caring at "advertising executive".

Tim Tim • Irvine, California • 6 mins ago
That orgasm will last a life time in her brain.

Steve 8 mins ago
Merry Christmas, Mr. Badger. Your kids and inlaws burned alive on Christmas morning while your wife was banging the contractor. They got out safe, though. Thank God, eh?

jones 10 mins ago
A house full of whites equates to a bloody ending...

AroX • Lahore, Pakistan • 10 mins ago
These kinds of incidents have become common for us in my country..because americans are killing thousands of innocent people using drone attacks.. but they are not human right? they dont deserve a yahoo article..but these people do. cause they are not muslims.
dont get me wrong my heart wrenched when i heard this news, and i rarely open yahoo articles but i opened this. but it hurts me more that they are being treated as humans with human emotions while our people are treated like animals.
The drones are used to kill terrorists. What a moron!

Fast Eddie • Dayton, Ohio • 11 mins ago
This is Gods punishing America for it's acceptance of Homosexuality
Fred Phelps, is that you?

Fire at Conn. home kills ad exec's 3 kids, parents

12-26-2011, 06:08 PM
Kinda puts the kabash on the myth that liberals are the compassionate ones, huh? These people make me sick to my stomach. Please, wee wee and our other leftists, please explain this behavior. Explain to me that all these people are are just people frustrated with the system and not downright evil. I frigging dare you to stick up for these idiots.