View Full Version : Governor Sarah Palin Rocks!

09-13-2008, 05:51 AM
I saw Part II of Charlie Gibson's interview of Sarah Palin earlier tonight on 20/20, and despite the continued attempts by ABC News to try and smear Governor Palin during the introduction of her prior to the interview footage on the show, I was truly impressed!

Sarah Palin answered every question honestly, without stuttering or dodging; unlike another candidate ("messiah") for president (NOT VP) who could barely put a sentence together without stuttering at Saddleback.

John McCain's straightforward answers at Saddleback, combined with Governor Sarah Palin's straightforward answers during Part II of Charlie Gibson's interview in Wasilla has not only solidified my support for McCain/ Pailn, but now I just might contribute to the campaign. Why? Because the more honesty and straight talk that I hear coming from John McCain and Sarah Palin, the more of a joke that the prospect of a Barack Hussein Al-Obama presidency becomes.

I'm totally convinced. John McCain made the perfect selection for VP.

(And I LOVE watching the liberals squirm :D)

P.S: Look, I'm sorry that it took me longer to come around than the rest of you. But after all the disappointments with Bush 43, please understand my initial hesitation. Thanks.

09-13-2008, 12:39 PM
No problem with me. You just wanted to make an informed decision regarding your vote. I think you're not the only one doing this, judging by the way the polls are indicating.