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12-31-2011, 04:04 PM
Before I get started, I have to get something else out of the way first.


nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-24-11 02:30 PM
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7. Oh the usual place?

I will accept it in the name of du. Gladly.

They hate that actually.

For the record, only my fellow alum Skins, Lord Marblehead EarlG, and the elusive enigmatic Elad have the right to “accept” anything “on behalf of democraticunderground.” The yenta’s just another primitive on Skins’s island, nothing more than that.

The award for the Top DUmmie of 2011 is solely and only and uniquely presented to the honoree, no one else. Not Skins’s island, not “on behalf” of any or all the other primitives; it belongs only to the honoree, and is a reflection of her accomplishments, not those of democraticunderground and all its other members.

Now that we have that straightened out, franksolich is proud to announce the top winner for 2011, the pinnacle of the epitome, the highest of the high, the Top DUmmie of 2011, nadinbrzezinski, who is additionally the winner of the Willie, the award given that DUmmie who did a great deal in spreading and enhancing the good name and reputation of Skins’s island.

Boggles the mind, her list of accomplishments: writer of science fiction and fantasy books, emergency medical technician, peace activist, world traveler, election fraud analyst, dairy expert, radiation exposure expert, exemplar of the Mexican educational system, combat medic, professional historian, military and gaming strategist, survivalist, disaster preparedness consultant, expert on early childhood development, philanthropist, climatologist with specialization in catastrophic catastrophes, macro-scale political and social trends analyst, expert on experts, community organizer, learned in nuclear physics, student of Japanese suicide customs, Platinum Medallion-level Frequent Googler, script reader, trend spotter, tipping point detector, Rubicon Crosser, toy soldier player, international finance expert, peak oil forecaster, Queen of Comical Malaprops, nuclear power plant evaluator, emergency triage expert, epidemiologist, talent scout, analyst of Egyptian politics, world-class sociologist, theologian, clerica duties guaranteeing and preserving prisoners’ rights while in foreign custody, full-time MSNNBC viewer, home appliance technician, global viewer, barista, medical billing specialist, geologist, expert on victim psychology, police dispatcher, earthquake preparation specialist, reporter, physiologist, hat-taker, film critic…..and many more…..

nadinbzezinski’s resume of her accomplishments can be found here:


The above was a thread in the DUmping Ground started by our pulchtritudinous colleague Traveshamockery, and it’s pretty long. But one doesn’t have to read it all; just go to the sixth page and admire the professional-quality resume Traveshamockery made for this year’s top primitive.

It’s awesome. It might even get nadinbrzesinski a paying job, if she passes it around.

There’s still one unresolved issue when it comes to this year’s Top DUmmie; one wonders if her husband’s aware of all she’s done, or if she’s been doing it behind his back. This is a matter of concern, because he might not know people are laughing at him behind his back, having such a yenta for a wife.

Great should be his wrath when he finds out.


12-31-2011, 04:05 PM
No point in having examples of nadinbrzezinski’s handiwork as examples of her kvetchy kochleffel and her finstere cholem auf dein kopf und auf dein hent und fiss upon decent and civilized people and a “system”—the American system—which has sustained and enriched her beyond the wildest dreams of most Mexicans; a nahr bleibt a nahr.

One’s sure that while nadinbrzezinski dreams for, pines for, yearns for, the decline of America and the “system,” she’s not above taking advantages of the benefits America and the system gives her. One imagines she takes all she can, as quick as she can. She enjoys an elevation of living far above that which could reasonably be expected by a wife of a retired submarine commander in the Mexican navy, for example.

nadinbrzezinski has no love for America, and probably the reason reaches back more than seventy years, when her grandparents, and one or the other of her parents (then a child), desperately sought to flee the shetls of Poland only weeks before September 1, 1939.

It’s a very sad and unfortunate story, the blight inflicted upon innocent people by totalitarian socialists, and at the time, lots of people of Judaic derivation were hoping to get out. America and England were their first choices, but the doors had been mostly shut there, and so those of Judaic derivation frantically sought refuge wherever they could find it—in Shanghai, in Fiji, in Kenya, in South Africa, in Paraguay; whoever’d let them in.

Happily, nadinbrzezinski’s ancestors got in to Mexico. It wasn’t America, but it wasn’t German-dominated Poland either.

But surely there was some resentment among her ancestors, that America hadn’t let them in, and this resentment was implanted in her as a little girl.

nadinbrzezinski’s got to take the global view of the situation, the whole story, though. In 1939, the president of the United States was a (D), and not inclined to help the Jews. Congress, both houses, were a veto-proof (D), and not inclined to help the Jews. The Supreme Court was by then a solidly (D) court, and not inclined to help the Jews. The State Department bureaucrats were all (D)s, and not inclined to help the Jews.

That’s why nadinbrzezinski’s ancestors couldn’t get into America.

But this year’s top DUmmie perversely blames the (R)s for all that is wrong with America.

In fact, her credentials as a historian are suspect; one recalls a comment of hers—now buried somewhere, too difficult to disinter—in which she blamed the (R)s for some Rooseveltian “reform” that had been rejected in 1938.

Uh, 1937-1939, there were 89 (R) congressmen in the 435-seat House of Representatives, and 17 (R) senators in the 96-seat Senate. One doesn’t see where the (R)s had a whole lot to say about things, back then.

Her credentials as a historian, and as a global viewer, are also suspect in that nadinbrzezinski seems to believe that (1) all revolutions are from the left, (2) all revolutions are permanent, and (3) all revolutions involve violence and bloodshed.

That’s ideology, not history, and that’s screwed-up ideology.

The girl’s got a blinder over her right eye, missing half the picture, if not more.

12-31-2011, 04:06 PM
Out here in the lonely Sandhills of Nebraska, there’s a certain pile of dirt that stands on the east side of franksolich’s house. It’s shaped, roughly, like a miniature alpine Jungfrau, and it presents quite a pretty picture at night whenever the moon rises from the east, and one’s sitting on the front porch.

To those not from around here, it’s just another hill or mound in the Sandhills, ho-hum. To natives of the Sandhills, well, they recognize it as a man-made phenomenon, but nothing more.

When franksolich moved out here the autumn of 2005, he noticed some peculiarities about the hill; it wasn’t quite like the other hills; for example, the foliage was somewhat different, and things seemed to stay green into December, and come out green again in February, later and sooner than other foliage around the place.

He inquired of someone ancient, who’d been a young boy here during the 1930s, and learned that there used to be a big barn adjacent, and that from 1875, when the place was first settled, until 1950, when the barn burned down, the people here raised pigs. The barn had to be cleaned often, and the swine droppings were deposited in a shallow “basin” which with the passage of years became rather protuberant.

After the barn burned down, it wasn’t rebuilt, as cattle rather than pigs were raised here.

Sometime when Ike and Mamie were in the White House, the odor evaporated, and sometime when Jackie and Jack were in the White House, the thing took upon the characteristics of just plain ordinary dirt, which it seems so to this day.

Even though it’s nearly 100% pure antique pig shit.

Upon learning this, franksolich took a cat-litter box that needed emptied, and tossed it upon the mound, baptizing it the “William Rivers Pitt.” The University of Nebraska came out to look at it the following summer, and using well-drilling equipment, collected samples from different layers, learning much about the diets and diseases of swine 1875-1950.

It’s supposed the William Rivers Pitt is circa 740 cubic yards of swine excrement, which is quite a pile (I’ll post photographs here when I move away; it’s a rather singular-looking thing, and I don’t want primitives stalking franksolich to find out exactly where he lives). The variegated foliage that decorates it is from seeds of things that the pigs were fed, that passed through their intestines undigested.

It’s an awesome sight, the William Rivers Pitt.

But now when looking at it, one sees how truly prodigious this year’s Top DUmmie has been; nadinbrzezinski single-handedly all by herself produced more shit in a single year than forty generations and thousands of pigs could do in seventy-five years.

12-31-2011, 04:07 PM
I'll be sending press releases to the San Diego media outlets (newspapers, television, radio, internet, wire services) later today.

12-31-2011, 06:09 PM
:woot:Congrats to Nadin!!!

Is there anything she isn't an expert about??? :confused:


12-31-2011, 06:57 PM
Is there anything she isn't an expert about??? :confused:


I'm thinking, maybe, "how to win friends and influence people"?

She's got a lot of work to do in that department.

12-31-2011, 08:33 PM
I'm thinking, maybe, "how to win friends and influence people"?

She's got a lot of work to do in that department.

You nailed it Frank. Good JOB!!!!111111eleventyone!!!!:D