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01-03-2012, 09:06 PM
Townhall.com is your #1 Source for Iowa Caucus Coverage

If you are as interested in watching the Iowa Caucus results come in tonight as we are, make sure to bookmark the Townhall Election Results (http://www.townhallmail.com/fhhzdpfbzzgwdbzbwbdhfwcnnywnnbyfrrhpldgjjdsbbs_gyw cmrrlnmn.html) page as we will be featuring LIVE voting results. The caucus starts at 7 PM EST and should last about an hour. As soon as results start to roll in we will display them.

Make sure to check the Townhall Election Center (http://www.townhallmail.com/eytlrcktllzfrtltftrykfvhhqfhhtqkppycwrzbbrstty_gyw cmrrlnmn.html) for all your 2012 election coverage. We feature news, columns, caucus and primary information, and summaries of the latest polls. For full polling coverage take a look at the Townhall Poll Tracker Averages (http://www.townhallmail.com/zpsjrctbjjwkrbjbkbrptkgllfkllbftddpcqrwssrmbbb_gyw cmrrlnmn.html).

01-03-2012, 11:27 PM
This thing is real time. So far Ron Paul has 148 more votes than Santorum. It updates by the minute. Go to the mid right, under the coupon and over the political cartoons, to get the full update.