View Full Version : Terrorists Now Friending on Facebook

01-21-2012, 12:24 AM
A new generation of Americans is being taught to guard their online identities with care and discretion. Children are taught that stranger danger extends to the World Wide Web. Young professionals set privacy settings to keep their Internet-savvy bosses away from incriminating photographs or less-than-tasteful status updates. They all post, delete, comment and re-post incessantly, carefully crafting their online presence for friends and followers to consume one tweet at a time.
Above all else, they try to remember the golden rule of social networking: if you wouldn’t want grandma --I mean, terrorists-- to see it, it probably shouldn’t be online. Sorry, grandma. This generation has bigger things to worry about.
According to a new study from Professor Gabriel Weimann, of the University of Haifa’s Communications Department, 90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet takes place using social networking tools.

“Shabab is not looking for a young teenager to hold an AK-47," said Braniff. "Unfortunately, they have that in spades. They're not bringing in fighters to be fighters; they're bringing in fighters to be propagandists, technology support, suicide terrorists, and other niche jobs."
A letter between two senior al-Qaeda leaders, intercepted in 2005, shows an eerily cognizant awareness of media’s place in the new millennium’s jihad.

Link (http://ohmygov.com/blogs/general_news/archive/2012/01/19/terrorists-now-friending-on-facebook.aspx)