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02-19-2012, 07:53 PM
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Sun Feb 19, 2012, 03:28 PM

On Being Homeless.

Actually I've been homeless since August, 2011. But back then, I had a couch upon which I could 'crash' etc. Me and my cats. I have four. Mama and her three babes. If I talk more of that I swear I'll start bawling here in the Des Moines Downtown Library ... and I'm not. gonna. do. that. now.

I found a safe warm place for my babies. And I'm now in a shelter. Thank ... everything ... Gods Goddesses Grandmothers Grandfathers Mom Becca ... I've got a warm bed in which to sleep at night.

I want here to say a hearty THANK YOU!!! to all of the churches and the volunteers and those blessed beautiful folks who come into a shelter and feed us. I feel ... oh gosh. It is difficult for me, not because I'm fortunate enough to still be employed etc. But more because so many persons who are here with me are just down on their luck, as am I. And there are some seriously crazy batshit need more help than a hot meal.

My apartment is available March 1. Me and my babies are gonna be there.

I will not forget my experience here. I'm loath to admit where I am, not because I'm embarrassed, simply because I don't want people to drive by as we smokers stand on the patio outside the shelter, gazing upon the buildings and lights of DSM downtown ... and

Looking up.

Not sure I'm buying this...

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Hmmmm... (http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002329310) :rolleyes:

Not sure I'm buying this...

I wouldn't...

Having been in the situation he's describing, it sounds more like he's(?) on the outside looking in...:bounce:

02-19-2012, 09:46 PM
Every day when I go out, someone is standing on the corner with a sign asking for help for that person and the dog. It's a nice dog. I give the dog cookies, the person nothing.

Just Me and My Dog, Please help.

I got by often. It is sometimes a different person, but always the same dog. Sometimes a young girl, sometimes an old man. Today I drove up and it was a young man. I was stuck at the red light when an older man approached. He had a cane. He took the leash and the sign, the young man said "See ya Bro" and walked off.

I had just seen a beggar shift change.

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Ahhh yes...whatever happened to dear Bobby???
I swear, I still think she is a deep cover mole. :biggrin: